The role of the social project in the development of palliative and hospice care

  • Oksana Oksenyuk Rivne State University for the Humanities, Rivne, Ukraine
Keywords: palliative and hospice care, social project, moral and psychological support, social and household assistance


The aim of the study. Emphasis is placed on the aspects of the development of social work in palliative and hospice care, in particular, through the implementation of a social project by the students - future social workers. The purpose of the social project implementation is to provide quality social services to people in need of palliative and hospice care, in particular, moral and psychological support, social and household assistance through the involvement of volunteers and benefactors. A set of research methods is presented to help implement the practical project "Hospice: Philosophy of Care" (developed by the student-teaching creative group of Rivne State University for the Humanities). The preparatory stage of project work requires the use of sociological methods of social work (interviewing patients and their habitat); the research stage requires organizational methods (conducting promotions, searching for trustees), social training of the volunteers; at the planning stage organizational methods were also used, in part - the technology of social modeling; at the activity stage psychological methods (work with a case) were used, accordingly, a complex of tactics of individual work; at the analytical stage organizational methods, social counseling and planning, social training of volunteers were used; at regenerative stage the elements of social forecasting, modeling were used. The result. It is substantiated that due to the strengthening of moral and psychological support and social assistance through the involvement of volunteers and benefactors, the quality of social services in palliative and hospice care institutions will increase. The step-by-step structure of realization of the social project has been developed, the maintenance and methodology of realization of the stages of the project have been described. The universality of the proposed methodology for finding potential benefactors and other socially vulnerable categories is emphasized. The prospects for further research are associated with the disclosure of opportunities and results of social projects to solve existing problems in social work in palliative and hospice care.

Author Biography

Oksana Oksenyuk, Rivne State University for the Humanities, Rivne, Ukraine

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Educational Management and Social Work


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Current issues of theory and practice special education and social work