The theoretical analysis of the problem of social and pedagogical support of orphans

  • Valentyn Marchuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
Keywords: social and pedagogical support, social support, orphans, assistance


Social and pedagogical support is a guarantee of effective solution of the basic problems of various socially disadvantaged groups. Orphans stand out among all categories, because the quality of their future life depends on quality of social support. The article presents the theoretical aspect of social and pedagogical support as a means of socialization of orphans. The conceptual provisions of social and pedagogical support in working with orphans are revealed. The understanding of the concepts of “help and support” is differentiated. The author emphasizes that orphans remain one of the most socially neglected and least socially protected communities in the country, and the orphan environment accumulates the most complex problems of social and psychological development of the individual. The terminological features of social and pedagogical support, their focus on the preventive and operational nature of assistance in solving problems related to social well-being, interpersonal communications, life and professional self-determination, the role of a social worker in this process are revealed. The aim of the study. The article is devoted to the study of the problem of social and pedagogical support of orphans. Research methods. The research methods used are the following: search of the available methodological and scientific literature with analysis of the found material, elucidation of causal relationships, systematization, abstraction and concretization, analysis of the results of researchers on the problem of the study. The work is based on the analysis of scientific and methodical literature, methodical manuals, scientific articles, periodicals and developments of modern and previous scientists and researchers in the field of social work. Result. The emphasis is placed on the relevance of further development of social and pedagogical support at the appropriate level and outlines promising areas of research in the medium term.

Author Biography

Valentyn Marchuk, Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University

graduate student of the Department of Social Work and Pedagogy of Higher Education

Current issues of theory and practice special education and social work