The concept of competence in the musical training of afuture teacher

  • Vlаdyslav Rokosh Lutsk Pedagogical College, Lutsk, Ukraine
  • Kateryna Piavka Lutsk Pedagogical College, Lutsk, Ukraine
Keywords: competence, musical training, art specialties


The article examines the concept of competence, identifies the features of the formation of professional competence of a music teacher.
The purpose of our article is to outline the concept of “competence” in the pedagogical activity and musical training of future specialists.
Research methods. The following research methods were used in the study of this concept: analysis and synthesis of scientific, psychological, pedagogical and methodological literature, generalization and systematization of the material.

Author Biographies

Vlаdyslav Rokosh, Lutsk Pedagogical College, Lutsk, Ukraine

chairman of the Central Committee of teachers of folk instruments

Kateryna Piavka, Lutsk Pedagogical College, Lutsk, Ukraine

accordion teacher


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